This is a 65-70 minute trip from the airport itself to Delos.

Phone: 719-481-6542. Note that cell phones sometimes work and sometimes don't while driving these roads.

Here is a map that starts 80% of the way through your trip.

Here is a google map of the entire route.

___ Head out of the airport, follow signs to 'Airport Exit'
___ Pass 'Rental Car Return' on right (presuming you are coming from
    the United side of the airport)
___ Pass 'Gas Service Plaza' on right (again, from United side)
    The next interchange has two exits; don't be fooled and
    accidentally get on 'Tollway North'!
___ Turn right at second exit (#6A) -- 'Tollway South'
___ Note Mile Marker 27 (MM27) on right after a bit -- we'll
    use mile markers (MM) for reference for a while; of course you'll
    have to do your own interpolation.
___ MM22.55: Pay toll
___ MM20.4 : Cross I-70
___ MM15.5 : Pay toll
___ MM 6.7 : Note sign: 'Parker Road 1 mile'
___ MM 5.7 : Exit right at 'Parker Road' exit
___ Stay on left side of multi-lane exit road
___ Encounter stoplight at 'Parker Road'/83
___ NOTE YOUR MILEAGE RIGHT NOW -- all future mileages shown in the
    left column are deltas from this mileage
___  0.0  Left onto 'Parker Road'/Highway 83
          Now, it's all very easy for a long time -- just stay on Hwy 83
          until directed to turn, a total of just over 38 miles.
___  0.4  Note stoplight; continue
___  0.8  Note stoplight; continue
___  1.4  Note stoplight; continue
___  2.1  Note stoplight; continue
___  2.6  Note stoplight; continue
___  3.3  Note stoplight; continue
___  4.5  Note stoplight; continue
___  5.0  Note stoplight; continue
___  5.5  Note stoplight; continue -- at this point, city of Parker thins a bit
          Also, police patrol the 35 mph area near here 
___  7.0  Note stoplight; continue
___  8.2  Note stoplight; continue
___  8.5  Note stoplight; continue -- Parker is about done by now
___ 11.7  Note stoplight; continue
          Enjoy the countryside for almost 20 miles
___ 32.5  Cross 'Palmer Divide' Road; enter El Paso county. This road
          is usually referred to as 'County Line' Road.
___ 34.6  Cross Highway 105
___ 36.8  Turn right on Hodgen Road (first stoplight in a very long time)

Turn left at 'Roller Coaster Road' which is the next intersection
(it has as stop sign), less than a mile away.

Proceed down a hill, up a hill, down a bigger hill, and then part way
up the next hill until you spot the dark green mailbox on right
that has '15235' on it. Directly across the street from it (your left)
is the driveway for Delos; turn left and proceed 600 feet to the
parking lot.